“Hello, pigeon. Did Archie like his birthday present?”
cover of 'Let Me Go'

It’s Archie’s birthday (he’s a Scorpio), and it’s almost Halloween.

Due to DEA shenanigans, Archie and Susan both end up attending crimelord Jack Reynolds’s masquerade party on his private island. Archie gets knocked out and wakes up covered in mud and missing several hours as well as several pills that he brought with him but didn’t intend to take. He’s then given a tape showing Gretchen sexually assaulting him during that lost time.

Gretchen then arrives at Archie’s place, dressed in a bloody nurse costume, to take him on an adventure. They go to Jack’s island to catch a serial killer who’s on Jack’s staff. Archie has to go along with it because Gretchen has kidnapped Susan and says she’ll let her go after Archie solves this case with her. This is Gretchen’s idea of a birthday present.

gold masquerade mask

Archie gets shot, Susan nearly gets killed by the Killer of the Week, and Gretchen kills an entire squad of mobsters with a single scalpel. Gretchen declares the birthday present a success and escapes.