“Poor Archie,” she said. “I’m just getting started with you.”
Cover of 'Heartsick'

Two years ago, Archie Sheridan was kidnapped and tortured by the serial killer he’d been hunting for ten years. Then she called 911 and turned herself in, and after a month in a medically-induced coma, Archie survived.

Now, two years later Gretchen is in prison and Archie is still on medical leave. He spends his days sitting around his shitty “I just got divorced” apartment in the dark, high on Vicodin. Except for Sundays, when he goes to visit Gretchen and listen to her talk about the horrible things she’s done. She’s supposed to be confessing to more crimes in return for escaping the death penalty -- but for the last few months, she’s stopped giving him any more information.

interior of a hallway of jail cells

Then a new killer appears on the scene and Archie agrees to go back to work to solve the new case. He also arranges to have reporter Susan Ward follow him around. His hope is that Gretchen will be so jealous of him hanging out with Susan that she’ll start confessing to more crimes to get his attention. And it works!. . . . with a few caveats.